Caroline E. Hoadley
Dance Artistry

"Carolina Shag - the Spirit of
Southern Social
an Introduction to Shag Dancing
in the Carolinas

Published by Iodine Literary Projects in Beaufort, SC , this book is an 8 1/2" by 11",
65-page paperback book describing the social dance which is an intrgrel part of southern culture and is the state dance of both
 South Carolina and North Carolina.

The book covers the basic history and evolution of
 Shag dance and Beach music, as well as a  
introductory steps progression (and the SC Educational Dance Standards covered in the lesson) as well as many
of Ocean Drive Beach Shag clubs
(Home of the Shag Hall of Fame and SOS) and
dancers of all ages, a dance term glossary, 
and links to more information.

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*A small version of this book, intended as a lesson plan for public school educators and shag clubs teaching in public school, "Carolina Shag - the Educator's Edition"
is available by itself for $5 or
FREE while supplies last with a purchase of the full edition.
This edition was the result of a SC statewide grant project 
by the author in 2009.
For information on the special Educator's Edition,
or scheduling a book signing in your area,
e-mail the author at


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